One of the first times I went out after things had opened up, two friends took me on a day trip to Prince Edward County, a couple hours outside of Toronto. We explored a little shop while waiting for our patio table at a nearby restaurant to become available.
About an hour north of Toronto is an amusement park called Canada’s Wonderland. When it first opened it tried to be a mini Disney World, with stage…
I love it when people say I don’t look my age. LOVE IT. And it’s really easy to curate an online persona that could be any age. Just post glossy selfies…
Happy holidays and all the best for 2023
There has been a trend on Twitter of late of someone tweeting something like ‘your gifted friend now does ‘insert some cutesy mental health challenge…
And why I don't drive
What are we really longing for?
This past weekend, I returned from a two week trip to Cape Town. My parents grew up in South Africa, and due to a series of life events - it’s where I…
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